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Inon advises business and government on pricing questions: how much to charge for services and which price points consumers respond best to.
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Inon Time Profiling

Time is the most precious resource for most modern businesses - and the easiest to waste.

The average company loses 10-20% of all its employees' time. Sometimes on obvious things like sick time or web surfing. But more often on invisible losses, such as time spent on internal processes which don't add value, or trying out approaches to client projects which don't work and have to be thrown away, or time spent on sales processes which are just that bit less effective than the best.

Inon Time Profiling lets you really understand what your employees' time is being spent on - measure which activities give the best outputs and help people to focus on those.

And this is not an old-fashioned, draconian time-clock system. Most people take pride in their work and really want to achieve as much as they possibly can. Inon Time Profiling is an empowering tool, which gives employees the information and the tools to make themselves as effective as they can be. Managers are enabled to remove bottlenecks and provide the resources that employees need: while employees are freed up to create as much value for the company as they can.