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Inon advises business and government on pricing questions: how much to charge for services and which price points consumers respond best to.
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Behavioural Economics

Traditionally, software has been about automating processes and making everything as repeatable and predictable as it can possibly be. This kind of software treats people like cogs in a machine.

Economics and business theory has also been based on assumptions about human rationality - that people are predictable, calculating machines who always act in their material interest.

We believe that people are human. Motivated by a richer set of desires than the dictates of classical economics; looking for happiness and not just profit; making reasonable estimates instead of calculating everything precisely; enjoying their emotions as much as their intellect; thinking about the needs of their colleagues, friends and partners, not just their own self-interest.

Behavioural economics is a new discipline based on these insights which can work out how and why people buy products, how much money they will spend, what kind of social communities they will form.

Inon's software leads the world in implementing the principles of behavioural economics to help companies understand their customers better and make more money.

How it works in practice

Behavioural software builds a model of your prospects' psychology, to work out how they make their buying decisions. Inon will work with you to build a list of all the benefits your clients get from your services, and then profile every new prospect to work out which sales messages will work for them.

Inon's flagship product, Inon CVM (Client Value Management) gives you three advantages over your competition:

  1. Brings in more prospects
  2. Improves your closing ratio so you win more clients
  3. Maximises the revenue you can win from each client

In the first year of implementation, a typical client using Inon CVM increases their revenue by 40% and profits by up to 60%.

If you'd like to know more, Inon has published a 40-page guide: Because You're Worth It: Using Behavioural Economics in Your Business. Click here to contact us and request a copy.