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Inon advises business and government on pricing questions: how much to charge for services and which price points consumers respond best to.
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CVM Profiler
If your business needs more qualified leads, CVM Profiler is the way to generate them.

What could you do with an extra 5-10 fully qualified enquiries every month? Or every week? Sales is the lifeblood of most businesses, and generating new enquiries is one of the hardest challenges for many companies.

Inon's CVM Profiler is a powerful software application which brings in new enquiries with exactly the profile you need. It is designed to provide a virtual 'consultation service' to new prospects, sharing with them just enough of your knowledge to get them interested, without giving away any of your unique and valuable expertise.

During this process it gathers information from the prospect, which allows us to qualify them. If and only if they meet your strict qualification criteria, we'll forward the enquiry details to you to set up a meeting and convert them into a client.

CVM Profiler is an interactive profiling tool which offers your prospects an insight into themselves and uses viral marketing and other Internet marketing techniques to talk to as many people as possible. A tool that reaches 10,000 people in the first year with only a 4% conversion rate will generate 400 potential leads for you.

The profiler is customised for your specific business - so if you are an accountant, it may offer the prospect the ability to find out about the key risks and success factors for their company; or if you're a car insurance company, it may help the prospect to find out what kind of driver they are. Whichever profile the consumer receives is carefully designed, using our study of psychology and behavioural economics, to interest them in finding out more about your services.

Inon can provide CVM Profiler on a licence basis, starting at 18,000. But many of our clients prefer the success-fee model, where we are rewarded according to the sales we bring in. You pay only 600 per month for the hosting and optimisation of the software, and the majority of our reward comes only when our enquiries convert successfully into revenue for you.

Why not try out CVM Profiler now and see how it could be bringing in new leads for you: What are the risks for your company in the recession?