Inon: The Pricing Advisers
Inon advises business and government on pricing questions: how much to charge for services and which price points consumers respond best to.
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CVM Consulting
Interested, but not yet sure whether to go ahead? An ideal way to trial the Inon software without committing to a full implementation is to work with us to target one or two specific prospects. Instead of installing and customising the software for you, we use it on your behalf to work out the best way to relate to these firms.

For example, we worked with an international charity to design a strategy to target two specific corporate donors; and with a wealth management firm to work on their relationship with two law firms who act as introducers of new clients.

CVM Consulting costs between 700 and 1100 and also includes training for you in how to use techniques from behavioural economics in your sales process. If your firm is eligible, you may qualify to have 60-100% of the cost paid by the government.